Flames of the Past

Traduit du français par Laura Gärtner

Romans de société - 158 pages - 140x200

ISBN : 9782342156744

Alana lives in Courbevoie when she inherits a slave cabin in Guadeloupe. A love story against a backdrop of the sound of fetters and the supernatural. History, Guadeloupe's society, the past, the present and love form an exotic cocktail that two characters against all odds drink to the dregs. How can we believe in the apparition of spirits nowadays ? How can we imagine that two beings separated by their colonial past can find love and overcome atavism? The purifying fire fills their souls and consume the novel's pages. “I chose a light style to treat challenging subjects such as slavery, social malaise, the supernatural and religion. Reading Flames of the Past is edifying and entertaining at once, offering a pleasant escape from reality.”
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Version numérique au format PDF : 7,49 €


Christine Lara is laureate of the prestigious Academy of Lutèce. Holding a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Literature, she teaches French Literature. Her works are characterized by a certain sadness, which makes up their beauty and adds to the charm of her particular style, located somewhere between romanticism and realism.

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